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Broadband - Fiber Optic & Last Mile

In the broadband communication, fiber optic technology has become the mainstream for communities and telecom transmission deployment as it fulfills the cloud application, high-demanding multimedia str...

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Long Reach PoE Networking

PLANET Long Reach PoE solution consists of Long Reach PoE over Coaxial Switches, Long Reach PoE over Coaxial/UTP Injectors and Long Reach PoE over Coaxial/UTP Extenders which allow your IP network inf...

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PLANET Long Reach PoE Solution

When building IP network infrastructures, it is a big challenge for all IT administrators to set up networks in wide-ranging areas.  PLANET Long Reach Power over Ethernet (LRP) solution enables the deployment of IP network to be extended beyond the standard Ethernet distance of  100 meters (328 feet), while further providing the benefits of cost efficiency and 802.3bt high power supply.

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